Pipe Bending

Fully Electric Tube Bending Machine eMOB


The 11-axis AMOB electric machine features the newest bending technology, processing pipes from Ø 6 to Ø 52 mm. This fully electric CNC machine can bend with fixed and variable radii, as well as the bending without a straight stretch between them and a radius of up to 1D.

It is designed to perform a fixed and variable radius of tubes and profiles, such as round, square, rectangular and oval tubes. The machine allows the bending of several radii within the useful height of the machine, by means of vertical and horizontal displacements of the bending servo head, and variable radius with compressive bending performed by a reinforcing guide beam. The vertical and horizontal movement of the bending beam allows the bending of complex profiles with great precision and speed thanks to the servo engine. The machine is equipped with a module for churning holes directly into the pipe, which allows great precision of workmanship. Separately it is equipped with a system for recognizing pre-cut holes and the welding seam of the pipe, which will satisfy the requirements of even the most demanding customers.

Machine specifications:
  • Maximum bending OD x thickness (steel-450 N/ mm2) (mm) 52,0x2,0
  • Maximum center line radius/ outside bending radius – CLR/OR (mm) 150/175
  • Minimum inside bending radius – IR (decreasable over demand) (mm) 35
  • Maximum pipe length from the bending beam to POB (mm) 4.000
  • Maximum pipe length from the bending beam to the mandrel extractor (mm) 6.000
  • Maximum bending angle (º) 180 + 10

The pipe bending machine allows bending of pipes, all types of profiles and angles in a circle and spiral.

01 Pipe Bending 2x

  • Three drive rollers.
  • Bending rollers with independent hydraulic adjustment for pre-bending.
  • Side guide rollers for movement in 3 directions (axial, radial and sub-angle).
    The position of the rollers is reported on a digital display with an accuracy of 0.25 mm.

02 Pipe Bending 2x


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