Laser cut fence panels

We offer proven quality products with reputation, backed by professionalism, ambition and innovation. We apply a high standard in all of our activities. Our company has the necessary equipment, highly-trained employees who work for the constant increase and maintenance of high satisfaction of their customers to achieve maximum accuracy and reliability in the production of the detail desired by the customer.

Fitting Montage aims to remain in the client’s mind as a symbol of a reliable partner!

Thanks to the laser at our disposal, we are able to transform aluminum, brass, copper, plain and stainless steel sheet metals into beautiful decorations.

The fences are made with a minimum thickness of 2 mm. First our workers weld the elements in the specified constructional combination, then they grind the welds and the final part is cleaning and priming. At the customer’s request our specialists can also powder paint which protects the coating of the fences making them more resistant to external atmospheric influences, protects them from corrosion and gives them an excellent aesthetic appearance.

The color variety of powder paints is large.

The laser metal panels can be used as interior and exterior elements:
  • fences and fence panels;
  • metal doors;
  • handrails;
  • panels for walls and ceilings;
  • partition walls;
  • lighting;
  • building decorations;
  • covering of external units of air conditioners;
  • covering of radiators in residential, corporate and public buildings;
  • window decoration;
  • home and garden decoration and much more;

Our engineers will discuss the idea with you, offer you the most optimal option, combine innovative thinking with your request to realize your project, which will be individual, just for you.

We offer delivery and installation of the metal constructure to your address.

The price is determined according to the construction, linear meters and the panel model.



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